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Welcome to Inkredible Tattoo's & Piercings!



Inkredible Tattoos and Piercings masters many types and styles. Look at our photos for some examples. If your style is not listed, no problem, contact us!


Due to the Corona virus, we currently only tattoo by appointment!


Do you want to make an appointment? Contact us via our socials or send an e-mail.



Inkredible Tattoos and Piercings offers many types of piercings and also has various types of jewelry in stock. Can't find what you're looking for?
We can order almost anything, so don't hesitate to ask!


Due to the Corona virus, we currently only pierce by appointment!

Do you want to make an appointment? Contact us via our socials or send an e-mail.

Inkredible Tattoos and Piercings is GG&GD certified and works according to official hygiene guidelines. The hygiene guidelines have been drawn up by the National Center for Hygiene and Safety (LCHV National Center for Hygiene and Safety) and are checked by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA)


Due to COVID, we naturally have some adjusted house-rules, we ask you to read them carefully before coming to the shop and, above all, to adhere to them. ⠀

We have to do this together, but we also have every confidence that we can do this together to get back to normal as soon as possible!


We work by appointment

This applies to both tattoos and piercings. Make an appointment?
Send a DM!

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Stay at home with complaints

Do you or someone in your family suffer from elevation, a runny nose, sore throat, cold or other complaints?
Stay at home and reschedule your appointment.


Always keep 1.5m away

Both in and in front of the store.

4_Kom alleen.png

Come alone

With the exception of minors (under 16 years old) and people with
a disability needing guidance. Then take a maximum of 1 person with you.


Disinfect your hands


Disinfect your hands upon entering at the designated stool.


Listen to the staff

Follow the instructions of the staff at all times. We do this to keep everyone in good health.

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Getting tattoos and piercings involves risks. Therefore, make sure you are well rested and have eaten enough. Inform the tattoo artist or piercer of any medication or skin problems, allergies, epilepsy and hypersensitivity reactions.


In preparation for your tattoo or piercing session, we recommend the following:

  • Please let us know about health issues you think are important. This includes, for example, medication or skin problems, allergies, epilepsy and hypersensitivity reactions;

  • Make sure you are sufficiently rested and that you have eaten enough;

  • Do not use alcohol and / or drugs beforehand;

  • Consider bringing a friend with you. This one can be a moral support for you!


Do not get a tattoo or piercing:

  • in places where you have had plastic surgery or radiation therapy in the past year;

  • on a scar that is less than a year old;

  • in a place tattooed less than six weeks ago;

  • in a place where a tattoo was lasered away less than three months ago or where the laser wound has not yet healed;

  • on irritated skin such as bumps, dark moles or swellings;

  • if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

  • if you are pregnant.


In addition, it is not recommended to get a tattoo or piercing if you suffer from one of the following conditions:

  • diabetes;

  • haemophilia;

  • chronic skin disease;

  • allergy to tattoo materials or ink;

  • immune disorder;

  • heart and vascular abnormalities.


Do you have one of these conditions or do you use anticoagulants or antibiotics? And do you still want a tattoo or piercing? First discuss the options with a doctor. For background information about the above risks, visit .





A new tattoo is similar to a scrape. Poor care and unsanitary handling can cause wound infections and scar tissue. In addition, infections can lead to a less beautiful tattoo.


If you take good care of the tattoo, it will take two to six weeks for the wound to heal properly. The tattoo artist provides written explanations about the aftercare of tattoos. Read this carefully.


Do you want to download the form in advance?
Then click here.



A new piercing is comparable to a deep wound. Poor care and unsanitary handling can cause wound infections and scar tissue.


The piercer provides oral and written explanation about the aftercare of piercings. Read this carefully. Do you
still have questions or doubts about the course of the healing? Please always contact us so that our piercer can advise you properly.


Do you want to download the form in advance?
Then click here.

For the dermal anchors aftercare form, click here



We post part of our work on Instagram. Are you looking for something different or specific? Then you can always  contact us so that we can inform you properly!



Inkredible Tattoo's & Piercings is an established name in the industry and represents more than 20 years of experience. Our studio in Hoofddorp is already known by many for its open and cozy atmosphere, where everyone will feel welcome and at home!

Located at Kruisweg 640A in the center of Hoofddorp, we receive our customers every day to help them choose or place a tattoo or piercing.

Our studio is spacious with a cozy space, where you can discuss your ideas or get your new tattoo or piercing undisturbed.

We are GG&GD certified and work according to the guidelines of
the National Center for Hygiene and Safety. If you have any questions or are you just curious, feel free to make an appointment to visit us
to get into the studio!



Kruisweg 640A

2132CJ Hoofddorp

Tel: +31 (0) 23 - 743 44 30

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Monday: 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Tuesday: 11am - 6pm

Wednesday: 11am - 6pm

Thursday: 11am - 6pm

Friday: 11am - 8pm

Saturday: 11am - 5pm

Thanks! We will contact you as soon as possible!